Incredible pencil murals of Adonna Khare


Incredible pencil murals of Adonna Khare

If you love paintings and have an appetite for innovative art styles, then mural arts will be the perfect appetizer for you. And when it comes to the elephant murals of Adonna Khare, it will definitely leave you spellbound! It is quite incredible to know that the detailed mural is done using carbon pencil. Adonna Khare’s mural that depicts the harmonious world of the elephants, chimps, gorillas and other animals has won many appreciations. The carbon pencil murals won the Art Prize 2012 after winning 47,000 votes out of 412,560 votes cast. It took her nearly 3 weeks to make a 13 feet tall and 40 feet wide painting.

 “Elephants”- Depicting the true Adonna

As per Adonna Khare the “elephants” portrays her life. She says that she had converted her own story as the animals. The picture depicts the sad part of her life which includes both the happiness and sadness. This is more like a biography of Adonna Khare’s life. There is an orangutan with a stethoscope in the painting, which the artist says it represents the sufferings of her young nephew who has been diagnosed with diabetes. If you want to have a look at her murals, then Long Beach Museum of Art, has all her private collections.

Elephants and Adonna

Adonna Khare has been an art teacher in an elementary school and left her job to cope with her family chores. The Art Prize has given her $200,000 along with an appreciation for the flawless painting. The Art Prize is held every year in Michigan. With only a pencil, an eraser and a sock and of course the rich memories of her life, she managed to depict various gigantic animals along with miniature sketches of them. Adonna has said that the award prize money came as a cushion to her and she means it. She is going to spend the money to get her a mattress and also to help her continue her practice as an artist.

Being a busy housewife and a mom, she would have definitely struggled to prove her mettle as an artist and the award showered her glory and money, which she needed much to prove herself to the world.

What matters most is the skill employed for collecting, arranging and synchronizing together. This describes the transparency and vividness of Adonna Khare both as an interpreter and as a painter. She had experiences as many others have, but the potential of depicting every stint of happiness and sadness is surely not found in many. This is where; she deserves to be at the pinnacle. The award is not only going to act a financial buffer to Khare but an emotional support to rekindle her skills.






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