The August Smart Lock: Keep your Home Secure


keyless access electronic deadbolt door

Here we have something really interesting for you. If you are worried about the security of home then the August Smart Lock is for you.  It is the secure, simple, and social way to manage and monitor your home’s lock. Now you can control who can enter and who can’t without the need for keys or codes. This could be done easily from your Smartphone and computer.

It could be a new level of having a safe home even when you are out and managing it on the go also. However, the August Smart Lock is keyless that is one don’t require any key to operate it. The encrypted appearing technology is safer than keys that can get lost and have codes that can never be copied. Secondly, you will have total control of your home when people have access to your place. For instance, you can issue a key that works round the clock for a family member or one that works some hours a week for a cleaning person. Thirdly, you will have access to all the records of log of who’s entered and exited your home in your absence. Even, you will have the access of the exact time of the log of the person remotely from your phone or computer.  And the most amazing part is that August has standard batteries that keep it running in any circumstance. When the batteries get low we’ll even send you reminders. So you don’t have to be worried when power, cable or Wi-Fi goes down.

However, August is simple to use. Some of the steps are:


With its Auto-Unlock, August senses your approach and magically unlocks your door for you, without having to reach for your phone.

Easy Install

August installs easily over the interior portion of your existing deadbolt and does not require you to change your door hardware. In about 10 minutes, you’ll be good to go.

Lock Status

It’s easy to check and change the status of your door lock. Intuitively, LED indicators and open/close chimes keep you in the know without having to look at your phone.

With easy to use and great functions, it bears extra-ordinary features. Firstly, it has a beautiful, discreet design with an intuitive interface. It is durable anodized aluminium with a clever use of LEDs and your choice of colour. The overall finish makes August both elegant and discreet. Secondly, August works independent of your wireless or phone networks. Reliable Bluetooth technology syncs your phone directly with your August lock. Thirdly, there is no wiring issue. There’s no need to wire or connect August since it uses standard batteries. That means your lock stays on even if electricity goes down. Sensors will let you know, with indicators, and via email, when the batteries need replacing.



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  1. Web Hosting says:

    Your exterior door hardware stays exactly the same. The August Smart Lock replaces only the interior side of your standard deadbolt.

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    Hello! I really like your blog! Continue to write more! Very interesting!

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