Video Of The Day – No Child For Sale

Understanding the 3D’s of Child Labour.



115 million kids work in Dangerous, Dirty, and Degrading occupations. Youngsters are constrained into marriage, local administration, sexual servitude, asking in the city, risky occupations in mines, grimy rural employments, debasing employments in sweatshops.

1.2 million youngsters around the globe are trafficked for work or sexual administration at any one time. Trafficking is the world’s third most beneficial sorted out wrongdoing, after the medication and arms exchange. The effect on these kids is decimating. Their bodies are broken and their psyches are spooky by the injuries they persevere.

Make a gift, or sponsor a child through World Vision Canada to protect them from the realities of child labour. Click Here

Take in the certainties. Share the video. Let’s tell the world no child ought to ever be available to be sale.


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